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Nghia was a fantastic father and he gave so much to his children.

Now that Nghia can't give all that he would want, we are raising money to support his children, Phibi, Tom and Dan.

A group of Nghia's friends are running the Melbourne marathon in memory of him and would like you to sponsor their effort. We hope that this money will make it easier for the childrens future education.
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Nghia Dinh Nguyen

We have set up this page to honour our dear friend Nghia Dinh Nguyen.

Nghia tragically passed away after finding himself in difficulty whilst snorkeling with friends off the rocks at Fingal Beach, Cape Schanck. Only one of the 3 friends who went snorkeling was able to make it safely out of the water.

Nghia always lived life to it's fullest and what he accomplished in his years is amazing, please feel free to have a look through the pages which cover just a few aspects of Nghia's life.

Without doubt, the most important thing in Nghia's life was always his family. To honour that, we are asking for your help to support his children. A group of Nghia's friends are running the Melbourne Marathon and would like you to sponsor their efforts, with all the donatations going to help Nghia's children, Phibi, Tom and Dan.

Messages to Nghia from his friends

If you would like to add a message to Nghia, please email it to justin@glenhuntlyeyecare.com.au and it will uploaded as soon as possible.

"Nghia, you were my best mate, and you always made me part of your family. I will always be part of your family, and you will always be a sorely missed part of my family. As I promised you years ago, I will do my best to look after your beautiful children"

Justin Maher

“Nghia, we have been mates for over 15 years. We’ve had many good times and laughs. We have also shared our disagreements but have always remained friends. You were taken from us way too young! You will be deeply missed, we were suppose to retire and play golf everyday of the week? I hope you’re shooting 'under par' rounds in heaven!”

Kuong Chang

“I've only known Nghia for the past 6 months but I loved his shared knowledge & stories. With our love of trivia, water & optics we never stopped talking. It was a time I will treasure”

Paula Blannin

"Dear Nghia, you were a great family man who always made time for your friends. You exercised the power of your convictions, and were genuinely interested in your friend’s lives and in the lives of your patients. You had a magnanimous attitude and were always smiling, waiting for conversation, making the time. You were very humble as well. You have affected many people lives for the better and we will miss you a lot. Love from Michelle Waugh"

Michelle Waugh

"Take the top, multiply across, divide up."
"And bob your uncle."
"Everyone who's been taught by me knows me by my stupid analogies..."
"Don't read the question."
"Always start with the word 'given'."
"Subscript everything.”
“South east, flip bottom."

"Thank you for teaching me chemistry and maths these past two years and you will be sorely missed by everyone who ever stepped into that classroom since 1999.
We won’t forget those repeated stories you use to always tell us like the crow you couldn’t kill with the axe or the stray feral cat you befriended who no one will probably see ever again because it only ever came up to you. Thank you for being the teacher who stood out against all the others, Dinh. Your wacky mnemonics and phrases will live on in our hearts."

Carly Wang

"Nghia. You were not only my brother's best friend - you were one of the Maher family. You saw my brothers and my dad than i do! Thank you for sharing your family with all of us"

Elise, Tim, Torrin, Christian and Patrick Davis

“Nghia, when you first introduced me to your kids you introduced me as ‘Uncle Adam’. There are so many things you did to make sure your friends felt involved and part of your life.

You have left a massive hole in the lives of so many and will be sadly missed always.

When we are at the workshop on Wednesday night and it gets to 8:30pm, we all make little glimpses at the driveway waiting for you to pull up on your scooter.“

Adam Maher

Dear Dinh,

Your classes did not just consist of the typical maths equations or chemistry formulas , but they were also full of random jokes, stories and quirky things that you'd never expect in tuition. I will never forget the mnemonic 'log to the base of the answer is the power', or the how you always said 'is everybody happy with that?' and 'Bob's your uncle' and of course 'math is all about copying'. Thank you for turning on the heater in winter and taking the time to answer my maths questions.

There will not be another teacher like you. We will miss you, your wise brain and your humour. Rest in peace teacher.

Rachael Wu

Dear Dinh,

Of all the teachers I've had, you were undoubtedly one of the best and the one whom I respected the most. Thank you for everything you've taught us, done for us and for all the values and wisdom you've imparted over the years. You will remain forever in our hearts.

Amy Wang

" Dear Nghia,
I am shocked and sad that you have left us without saying goodbye. You have been a true friend and a brother to me. Looking back at all the things we have achieved and accomplished together, I'm really glad I did them with you.
Ever since we first met in 1999, I knew we will be great friends for life. From that day we couldn't stop talking about anything and everything.You have a unique way of reasoning and explaining everything, and when you don't know the answer you relentlessly seek it out until you get it. Your determination for knowledge was inspirational. I missed our study sessions, drinking sessions, awesome parties and crazy antics. Your smiles and laughs were contagious. You are a loving family man and have set a great example for all of us. You are deeply missed.

Rest in peace my dear brother."

Huy Ho